Employability Skills: Differing Requirements and Perceptions of Regulators, Accrediting Bodies, Students, Academics and Employers for Coursework Masters Business (IT) Programs

By Kym Fraser, Joan Richardson and Vass Karpathiou.

Published by The International Journal of Pedagogy and Curriculum

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The subject of this paper relates to the data collected from students, employers and academics about their perspectives of the need for the RMIT University coursework Masters Business (IT) program to teach specific employability skills. This data is compared with the employability skills required by the national regulator (the Australian Qualifications Framework), and the relevant Accords governing program accrediting bodies. The study found that there is a high level of agreement between the different groups/bodies with some areas of disagreements. The paper concludes that Australian coursework Masters Business (IT) programs must teach and assess the skills requirements of the AQF and accrediting bodies. The paper speculates on one way to provide students with the opportunity to develop employability skills that may not be taught in their program.

Keywords: Graduate Skills, Employability Skills, Masters Coursework Programs, Australian Qualifications Framework, Accreditation, Skills Framework for the Information Age.

International Journal of Pedagogy and Curriculum, Volume 20, Issue 2, March 2014, pp.27-44. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Published online: March 26, 2014 (Article: Electronic (PDF File; 930.281KB)).

Assoc. Prof. Kym Fraser

Associate Director, Continuing Education Development, Centre for Collaborative Learning and Teaching, Victoria University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Associate Professor Kym Fraser has 20 years education development experience working at Cornell University (USA), Lingnan University (Hong Kong), the universities of Oxford and Warwick (UK), and the universities of Monash and Charles Darwin (Australia). She edited “Education Development in Higher Education”, wrote “Studying for Continuing Professional Development”, and was the editor of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Green and Gold Guides. Current research interests include improving student learning outcomes in new generation learning spaces

Associate Professor Joan Richardson

Deputy Head Learning and Teaching, School of Business IT & Logistics, RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Associate Professor Joan Richardson is the Deputy Head Learning and Teaching in the School of Business IT & Logistics at RMIT University. Joan has worked on University projects aimed at maintaining a leading position in the application of ICT in the education sector, shifting effective use of technology into the mainstream and delivering state of the art courses and programs. She has published suites of digital curriculum based resources delivered using CDROM and Web formats, primarily designed to teach technology end-users information systems, since 1998 and a text in conjunction with Pearson Education Australia since 2001. Designing, developing and implementing new applications of SMS technology to augment the education administrative service environment is key area of research.

Vass Karpathiou

Deputy Program Director, Masters of Business (IT), School of Business IT & Logistics, RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Vass Karpathiou teaches at RMIT University at Undergraduate and Post Graduate levels in Melbourne and Singapore. Vass has a combination of Engineering, Computing, Education, Program administration and Business development experience over 30 years and his interests are IT Outsourcing, ICT Strategy and Innovation. Vass's teaching and learning interests are to present innovative courses that are relevant, engaging with the aim of developing a mindset embracing emergent digital technologies which result in positive, productive and enjoyable learning activities.