Assessment of Policy Maker Goals and Colorado Opportunity Fund (COF) for the Colorado Community College System

By Linda Kuk and Kyoung (Kay) Ash.

Published by The International Journal of Learning in Higher Education

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In fiscal year 2005–2006, the state of Colorado implemented the Colorado College Opportunity Fund (COF), which was initiated by Senate Bill 04–189. The COF is a unique postsecondary education state funding mechanism intended to provide direct funding to students through the use of stipends. The initiative introduced this new funding approach with the expectation that it would allow community colleges to have greater flexibility with state funding, provide enhanced educational opportunities for low-income and other underrepresented Colorado residents, and increase operational efficiency in postsecondary education, specifically community colleges. This study analyzed the Colorado Community College System’s enrollment data and compared enrollment trends before and after the COF was implemented to determine if there were any significant changes in enrollment trends, and to evaluate the efficacy of the COF’s underlying policies of accessibility and affordability.

Keywords: State Funding, Community College, Accessibility and Affordability, State Policy, Postsecondary Education, Colorado

The International Journal of Learning in Higher Education, Volume 19, Issue 2, pp.11-18. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 290.403KB).

Dr. Linda Kuk

Associate Professor, Program Director, SAHE, College of Education, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Dr. Kyoung (Kay) Ash

Senior Fiscal Project Administrator, Finance and Administration, Colorado Community College System Office, Denver, Colorado, USA

Kyoung (Kay) Ash, PhD is the Director of Business Operations and Budget Reporting and Analysis for the Colorado Community College System Office, which oversees 13 community colleges in the Colorado Community College System (CCCS). She is responsible for managing the System Office’s annual operating budget, and for allocating annual state funding for CCCS, local district colleges, and area vocational schools.