Bully Behavior, Cultural Diversity, and Learning in School: A Report on a Mixed Class’s Research Project

By Eireni Kouremenou.

Published by The International Journal of Learner Diversity and Identities

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This research was taken place in a Greek high school near the area of Florina (High school of Kleines – West Macedonia, Greece). At this school, Greek and Albanians students have many conflicts, and bully behavior is often followed by verbal abuse, teasing, or refusing to cooperate with the teachers. The main purpose of this paper was to manage a more healthy class and school environment, and reduce conflicts and the expulsions from school by assigning them common activities and improving their self-esteem. Also, we attempted to improve their learning by giving them positive reinforcement and rewards for their respecting each other, improving social justice, and harmonious cooperation beyond any ethnicity differences. In other words, the purpose was to make them feel and work as a group. The research method consisted of a series of interviews, and the findings showed that there was some reduction of the problem of conflicts, however the problem was not totally eliminated.

Keywords: Theme: Learner Diversity and Identities, Bully Behavior, Self–esteem, Interaction, Collaboration, Education

The International Journal of Learner Diversity and Identities, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp.67-80. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 494.099KB).

Eireni Kouremenou

High School Teacher, Center of Diagnosis and Evaluation in West Macedonia, Florina, Florina, Greece

MED in Special Education, high school teacher.