ICT-Pedagogy Integration in Teacher Training and Professional Development: Sites of Learning

By Irene O. I. Iluobe.

Published by The International Journal of Technologies in Learning

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Education has become one of the most powerful weapons used for laying the foundation for the sustainable growth and the development of any nation. Information and communication technology (ICT) can provide more flexible and effective ways for professional development for teachers, improve pre- and in-service teacher training, and connect teachers to the global teacher community. Teaching is becoming one of the most challenging professions in our society where knowledge is expanding rapidly and modern technologies are demanding teachers to learn how to use these technologies in their teaching. While new technologies increase teachers’ training needs, they also offer part of the solution. For successful technology integration, there needs to be a shift in pedagogical approaches and reform of teacher education programs. This study, therefore, investigated the use of ICT tools by teachers in their teaching and learning process. Ten secondary schools comprised of 100 teachers were randomly selected. A questionnaire developed and validated by researchers was used along with an oral interview to collect data. The findings revealed that the majority of the teachers do not possess an ICT degree or its equivalent, and that only a few of them have knowledge of ICT through their personal development and bought computers for their personal use. The benefits of ICT in teacher education programmes are highlighted. It concludes with recommendations on ICT integration into teacher training and professional development.

Keywords: ICT Teacher Training, ICT Use, Pedagogy, Reform, Pre- and In-service Teacher Training

International Journal of Technologies in Learning, Volume 19, Issue 3, pp.13-24. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 430.461KB).

Irene O. I. Iluobe

Senior Examination Officer, Research and Quality Assurance, National Business and Technical Examinations Board, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria

I work in an examination board in Nigeria as a Senior Examination Officer. I have a masters degree in measurement and evaluation and currently a doctoral student in University of Benin, Nigeria. My interest is to carry out research and contribute to educational reforms and development.