Attitudes and Usage of IT in the Secondary School Music Classroom

By José Luis Guerrero Valiente.

Published by The International Journal of Technologies in Learning

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Teachers' teaching methods have changed as a result of the implementation of Information Technologies (IT) in education. How educators have addressed these changes, and their attitudes towards technologies, has prompted the interest of some researchers (e.g., Orellana, 2004), who have highlighted how the integration of IT in schools has a direct bearing on such attitudes. In this paper we will discuss the results of research we carried out into the attitudes towards IT of Secondary Education music teachers. The binomial of music and IT plays an important role in the experiences of our students. In a world where the line between real and virtual is becoming increasingly blurred, the music teacher of the 21st century has to be aware of all these technological changes, and increasingly, be able to integrate them effectively into their teaching. Issues such as teacher training, pedagogical uses of IT and resources in schools are key to the carrying out of this integration process. The objectives I have pursued in this research are: 1. To ascertain different teachers' opinions, and evaluate some of their uses of IT within teaching. 2. To establish whether certain factors give rise or not to differences in opinions and uses of IT, such as: gender, qualifications, age, secondary education level taught (compulsory, from grades 7 to 10, or baccalaureate, grades 11 and 12), employment status (temporary or permanent), number of years teaching, IT skills, and features of the equipment available at schools. 3. To provide suggestions for the improvement and expansion of research in this area, and to consider how to conduct more in depth future research into the real opinions of music teachers towards IT in the 21st century.

Keywords: IT, Music, Secondary School

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José Luis Guerrero Valiente

Doctorate Student, University of Granada, Cádiz, Spain

I am a music teacher in a high school in Chiclana de la Frontera,Cádiz (Spain). I studied piano, musicology and a master´s degree in music education. I am very interested in music education and quantitative and qualitative methodologies in education.