Gameplay in Italian: The Impacts of World of Warcraft on Second Language Learners in Turkey

By Pınar Alp and Ellen Patat.

Published by The International Journal of Technologies in Learning

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This 5-week study investigates the impacts of the Italian version of World of Warcraft (WoW), a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), on second language learners in a private, English-medium university in Turkey. Vocabulary acquisition, communicative competence and self-confidence were the main points of interest in the gameplay experience. Pre- and post-survey, together with a pre- and post-language test and one-to-one semi-structured interviews were the instruments used to collect the data. The results revealed that, even with a small-size sample, certain improvements in learning new vocabulary and self-confidence occurred. Whereas, due to several constraints, enhanced communicative competence was not observed. Future research should take into consideration other variables affecting gameplay and the need of developing supplementary material which could be of significant use in technology-mediated teaching and the learning processes.

Keywords: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game, Second Language Acquisition, Active Learners

The International Journal of Technologies in Learning, Volume 22, Issue 3, September 2015, pp.1-9. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Published online: May 18, 2015 (Article: Electronic (PDF File; 408.551KB)).

Pınar Alp

Instructor, Modern Languages Unit, American Culture and Literature Department, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul, Turkey, Turkey

Dr. Ellen Patat

American Culture and Literature / Modern Languages Unit, Bahçeşehir University, Turkey