Can SpeedReading/eSpeedReading Skills Training Enhance the Overall Learning/eLearning Productivity of 21st Century Medical Students and Surgical Residents?

By Helen Amoriggi and Kenneth Shaw.

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Medicine now demands learning from both hard copy and eText. Old techniques, such as "Here's the latest Medical Journal; Read it!" are outdated. Replication of a 10 year study.

Keywords: SpeedReading Productivity, eSpeedReading (on-screen), Information Literacy, eInformation Literacy Overload, High Speed Visual Note-Taking / eNoteTaking, Information-based text Overload, Recall and Retrieval Skills, Updated eLearning / eInformation Literacy Skills, eReading-Coaching Strategies

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 12, Issue 12, pp.157-170. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 876.353KB).

Dr. Helen Amoriggi

Helen Amoriggi, B.Sc, MA, Ed.D is a professor and reading researcher in the Faculty of Education of McGill University. Recently, Dr. Amoriggi published the results of the first academic study in SpeedReading Productivity (900 subjects). In addition to delivering graduate courses in Monograph, Proposal, Manuscript and Thesis Preparation, Professor Amoriggi is actively involved in the rapidly-expanding worlds of ‘information literacy overload’ and ‘how to teach advanced eReading and eLearning skills’ with an emphasis on preparing 21st century educators and eLearning learners to cope.

Kenneth Shaw

Kenneth Shaw, MDCM, FRCS (C) is currently Director of the Surgical Emergency Room and Medical Director of Paediatric Trauma at the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH). Dr. Shaw is also Co-Director of Core Surgery, McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and Clinical Teaching Unit Director of the MCH. Dr Shaw recently presented a paper on 21st century eLearning skills for surgical residents to the Association of Surgical Educators.


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