Teachers Learning from their Teaching: Overcoming Traditional Dichotomies through Teacher Research

By Chrispen Matsika.

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Traditionally, teachers have been known as consumers and not producers of knowledge. Knowledge was generated and defined by researchers in colleges and universities only. With the emergence of the ideas of reflective practice, scholarship of teaching, production of knowledge through practice and of course, the notion that the act of teaching itself generates knowledge, teachers have become emancipated and empowered in their profession. This presentation argues that the change from teacher to teacher-researcher is producing new roles of the teacher and of the student. Teachers and students are going beyond their traditional interactive roles and are forming a relationship characterized by genuine respect and engagement. There is also a sense of ownership of the pedagogical process itself. When teaching is done systematically and reflectively and made public the teacher becomes a researcher as well. This empowers and emancipates both the teacher and the student. They have new identities and roles that are complimentary and not dichotomous to one another.

Keywords: Teacher Researcher, Knowledge Production and Consumption, Pedagogical Relationships

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 13, Issue 11, pp.43-46. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 813.121KB).

Dr Chrispen Matsika

Assistant Professor, Department of Foundations and Secondary Education, Georgia College and State University, USA

I hold the Adv. Dip. Ed. from the University of Hull (UK), M. Ed in Educational Technology from the University of Bath (UK) and M. Ed in Philosophy and Education from Montclair State University (NJ, USA). My doctorate in Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies is from The University of Massachusetts at Amherst (MA, USA). I have presented at various national and international education conferences in Zimbabwe, USA and Canada. I am an Assistant Professor of Education at Georgia College and State University in the USA. My teaching assignments include general educational research methods and teacher action research. My research interests are in action research, teacher education, qualitative research, multicultural education and the African traditional worldview and education. I can be contacted by email at chrispen.matsika@gcsu.edu or cjmaka@alltel.net


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