Empowering Classroom Teachers to Create Multimedia Learning Objects: Developing Learning Objects

By David Heldsinger, Robyn Smith and Cecily Knight.

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Education reform in Queensland is enacted in innovative ways in teacher education programs. Key features of Central Queensland University’s Bachelor of Learning Management, ‘workplace readiness’ and ‘futures orientation’ are encapsulated in the area of e-Learning. Knight, Knight and Teghe (2006, p.32) suggest that for learning to be futures oriented, “ ICT’s are simply one of the change agents as tools for learning” rather than an isolated component of education.
In the BLM course e-Learning Manager, students develop ICT skills that provide a platform for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial activity in a ‘knowledge society’.
In doing so they learn how teaching practices and learning content can be mapped into the digital environment by creating their own Learning Objects.
This paper outlines how the digital environment can be used to create powerful forms of learning through creating multimedia learning objects using readily available resources within classrooms.

Keywords: Multimedia Skills, Learning Objects, Digital Environment, Teacher Education, Classroom Environment

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 13, Issue 12, pp.135-142. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 825.632KB).

David Heldsinger

Lecturer, School of Learning & Innovation, Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Education, Central Queensland University, Australia

David Heldsinger is a lecturer at Central Queensland University with 2 decades of professional experience in primary and secondary mathematics, science and ICT. His early work in schools in poor areas abroad, where resources were extremely limited, has built a lasting passion for developing his own highly effective teaching aids from available resources. In his current work with pre-service teachers, he has combined this passion with his love for ICT and developing ICT skills of adult learners, and uses student developing of their own multimedia learning objects, as part of their ICT education. His recent research interests are focussed strongly on building of ICT skills, e.g., a recent collaborative study focussed on providing information to guide development of systemic syllabi and curricula, explored Year 4-7 teachers’ and students’ use of ICT at home and at school.

Robyn Smith

Lecturer, School of Learning and Innovation, Central Queensland University, Australia

Robyn Smith (Dip Teach, B.Ed, MLM) Lecturer at Central Queensland University, Mackay Campus. Robyn has been a registered teacher since 1980 with the Queensland College of Teachers and has worked in a variety of school settings for an extensive period of time with Education Queensland and taught from years 1 to 7 in the primary sector. Throughout her employment period with Central Queensland University she has been afforded the opportunity to demonstrate her capacity to deliver the principles of the Bachelor of Learning Management through lecturing, tutoring and research. Key areas of interest include the creation and delivering of materials for the Futures suite of courses :- e-Learning Manager, Futures and Professional Knowledge suite. A recent research topic that she has undertaken as part of her Masters studies investigated the ‘Sociological study of students attitudes and perceptions of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in learning environments – A Case Study.’

Dr Cecily Knight

Senior lecturer, School of Learning & Innovation, Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Education, Central Queensland University, Australia

Dr Knight has had 25 years experience in a range of teaching and administrative positions in early childhood, primary and tertiary settings in Queensland and NSW. Her interest is in learning and teaching with special interests in social-emotional development and ICTs for learning. Her doctoral studies were in the area of children's social-emotional development. She has been involved in some major research projects in recent years. In 2002-2004 she was one of 4 researchers in an $822, 000 collaborative project between Department of Families, Education Queensland, and Central Queensland University. In 2004-2005 she was joint recipient of a $101, 000 Merit grant which explored the effects of a computer mediated communication approach on regional school communities’ capacity to recognise and address “at risk” issues. Dr Knight has 19 publications in refereed journals and book chapters. For the last 8 years she has taught in the teacher education program at Central Queensland University and has taken a leading role in curriculum development. She has also held a significant leadership position as Sub-Dean for the School of Education & Innovation on CQU’s Mackay campus.


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