Learning in a Team of Teachers

By Sivbritt Dumbrajs.

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The intention of this study was to find changes and developments in teachers understanding of their ways of learning and teaching. A small amount of teachers (N=5) has worked in a team with preparation of laboratory tasks for grades five and six in primary school. The researcher together with these teachers performed action research. The experience of working and learning in a team was considered. Special interest was devoted to the question how teachers understand the team concept. Besides the written material that the teachers produced in their work transcriptions of open interviews and material from observations were analyzed. Constructivism, as constructing the world, and narration, as establishing the life, form the background of the research and the theory of learning is sociocultural. The team members have evaluated the impact of their performance in the team on themselves as teachers and human beings. Reflection on both the own and others’ thoughts and ideas was seen as a possibility for development and change. The own curiosity and interest awoke. Teaching became more of a dialogic interaction with the students. The learning of the teachers took place in a dialectic movement between action and reflection, when the learners moved outward to the external environment and inward to the own self. The accepting and trustful atmosphere in the team formed the ground for a dialogue on equal footing.

Keywords: Team, Learning, Dialogue, Reflection, Interaction

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp.65-74. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 769.336KB).

Dr. Sivbritt Dumbrajs

Joensuu University, Finland

As a student my main topics were mathematics, physics and chemistry. I studied at Helsinki University, and got my Ph.D. 5.11.1974 in Nuclear Physics. In 1978 I married and later got two sons. After 13 years as a housewife I wanted to go back to work. As a young student I had absolved an exam for subject teachers. This exam now made it possible to get a job as a teacher in a lower secondary school. I became interested in the problematic of teaching and started to study Education. Now I have retired from school and devote my time to research.


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