ICT Training – Key to Closing Digital Divide among Businesses: Case of SMEs in Central California

By Tom Wielicki.

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Digital Divide among businesses is defined as disparity between effective uses of ICT for productivity gains. SMEs are for most part on the wrong side of this Divide with lack of funds and access to ICT as the most quoted reason for falling behind big corporations. Number of specific business processes supported by ICT based solutions is used here as an innovative measure of ICT advancement within a small business. We have looked in this study at over 600 SMEs of Central California and proved that number one barrier to use of ICT is lack of education and training and not lack of funds for hardware and software. Study of additional sample of over 160 SMEs shows that the culture and format of ICT training is only partially impacted by the size of business. Similarly, number of ICT supported business processes is not significantly correlated with quantity and format of training and education provided by the management.

Keywords: ICT Training, Digital Divide, SME, ICT Barriers

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 14, Issue 6, pp.181-186. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 575.649KB).

Tom Wielicki

Professor and Executive Director, Digital Economy Center, Craig School of Business, California State University, FRESNO, CA, USA

Dr. Tom Wielicki is an Executive Director of Digital Economy Center and Professor of Information Systems at the Craig School of Business, California State University, Fresno. Dr. Wielicki is also a Fulbright Scholar that has been credited with creation of the concept of an e-Village as a residential area specifically designed for full time telecommuters. Dr. Wielicki has extensive record of publications and has been invited to lecture on the issues of business applications of Information Technology and e-learning by number of universities around the world including: Heidelberg University, Germany, The University of New South Wales, Australia, Universiad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico, and Polish Academy of Science, Poland. He is also currently serving as a consultant on issues of IT applications in learning and e-learning methodologies for the EU funded program called IT-Qual.


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