The Power of One with Many Revisited: Creating Inclusive, Accessible, Collaborative Education for All

By Coral Cara.

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This paper describes the journey taken to create and develop inclusive education for all students and staff through the use of a holistic, multimodal, multiliterate inclusive approach to improve student and staff engagement and learning. This process is suitable for any educator who wishes to develop a learner centred approach which can be implemented in any sector, with any age group, or any cohort of students. The research is based on real work in real classrooms. This paper reflects upon the journey, the challenges, the successes; and the future uses for the model of effective teaching and learning.

Keywords: Effective Teaching & Learning, Inclusive Accessible Education, Multiliteracies, Multimodal Teaching and Learning, Improving Student Outcomes, Student Centred Learning, Engagement, Retention, Authentic Learning, Working with Diversity

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 14, Issue 8, pp.221-234. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.044MB).

Coral Cara

Lecturer/Academic, School of Education, Victoria University, Australia

Coral Cara has an extended multi faceted career in education and is passionate about inclusive accessible education for all. She is an educator, consultant and lecturer across all sectors and levels. Coral is currently working with University preservice teachers using innovative effective teaching and learning strategies that are learner centred and inquiry based. Coral has worked extensively on creating inclusive multimodal teaching and learning that creates engagement, retention and improved outcomes for staff and students.


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