Intercultural Interaction: Cognitive and Behavioural Aspects

By Mariangela Marcello.

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This research project aims at focusing on recent studies on cognition and cognitive psychology (emerging in the mid-1950s) to shed light on the strict connection between mental activities, the sensorial perception of the reality and the emotions experiences trigger in each individual: from the Gestalt approach to modern Cognitive psychology, cognitive Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence experiments. People tend to retain the meaning of communication, rather than the exact words, as experiments, addressing behaviourist J.B. Watson’s hypothesis, have demonstrated. It will take into account language as well as iconic material in a neurolinguistic approach considering that foreign language learning makes people aware of the existence of a 'territory' as well as 'maps', through which people 'decode' the territory. People decide who they are in relation to how the others react to them. Meaning in communication is, indeed, the reaction people get from their interlocutors. Interpersonal communication, in intercultural contexts, supplies feedback about other individuals and the meaning of their behaviours in the light of each individual's set of beliefs and values: an aspect that cannot be ignored if we want to understand and interact with people from other cultures or translate their texts into our own language.

Keywords: Mind, Behavior, Multicultural

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 14, Issue 8, pp.23-28. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 487.353KB).

Mariangela Marcello

Curriculum Coach, Pedagogical Area, Vitória, Espirito Santo (ES), Brazil

Graduated in Foreign Languages and Psychology. Teaching experience in Italian High Schools and in the Faculty of Languages, University of Bari, Italy. Teacher and teacher trainer for the Italian Ministry of Public Instruction. Holder of Fulbright scholarship at Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts,USA). University Lecturer for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Federal University, Vitoria (ES)Brazil and at the University of Sydney, Sydney. Australia. Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming. Voluntary teacher in Brazilian NGOs working with abandoned or ailing children.


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