Parental Encouragement in Foreign Language Learning: The Greek Case

By Pelagia Mormori.

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The study aims to explore the potential influence of parents on students’ attitudes and motivation to learn English. Educational psychologists claim that certain family characteristics are associated with school performance and one of the main mediators between the home environment and the classroom is motivation. Parents are the major socialization agents who act as the intermediaries between the socio-cultural milieu and the learners. They employ child rearing practices which can shape children’s attitudes towards ethnic groups and language learning. Parents can also be actively involved in the learning process and promote success by encouraging children to study the foreign language, monitor their performance, correct mistakes, etc. Their role is thought to be really determinant in childhood especially in communities like the Greek one, where the family bonds are tight and the family relinquishes control gradually over a period that may extend through early adulthood. Thus, the study was conceived to elucidate the potent and dynamic variable of the parent by collecting data on the parents’ attitudes and comparing them to their children’s. Eighty parents comprised the sample. Interview schedules to obtain the parents’ attitudes and motivation were designed. The measures were similar to the ones included in the students’ questionnaire and Pearson Product-Moment Correlations were used to determine the relationship among the variables. The results indicated a positive association between students and parents’ attitudes and motivational indices suggesting that the parents’ involvement can be crucial in developing language proficiency.

Keywords: Parental Influence

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 14, Issue 8, pp.245-254. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 558.703KB).

Dr. Pelagia Mormori

Teacher, University of Pireaus, Pireaus, Athens, Greece


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