Young Children’s Conceptions of Temperature and Thermometer

By Sari Havu-Nuutinen.

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This study belongs to the research area of conceptual change in science education. In this study Finnish young children's understanding of temperature and understanding the idea of thermometer are analysed based on data of four years following. The same children (n= 156 and n= 248) were followed and their understanding and conceptions of the temperature and thermometer were analysed. The analysis base on the paper-pencil tasks, which children did in every year. The children's conceptions of temperature and thermometer are referred in the context of weather and state of water. In the results the children's understanding of the temperature and thermometer are discussed and the changes in their conceptions are also referred.

Keywords: Conceptions, Conceptual Change, Science Education, Young Children’s Learning

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 14, Issue 9, pp.93-102. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 703.724KB).

Dr. Sari Havu-Nuutinen

Senior research assistant, Department of Applied Education, University of Joensuu, Joensuu, Finland

Primary school teacher, Ph.D. in 2000. Currently position at university of Joensuu as a teacher trainer and researcher. The research interest focus on the young children's learning and conceptual change process especially in science education. Some studies also concerning the quality of preschool education in Finland.


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