Retirement Preparation Among Public Servants: Facilitating the Transfer of Learning

By Betty Ann M. Turpin, Linda Dimitra Rhea Marie Scourtoudis and Debora K. Toll.

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This study attempted to empirically investigate the retirement preparation, expectations, and perceptions of 2366 federal public servants. To this end, their retirement plans, expected retirement lifestyle, and the extent to which they access various kinds of communication products were assessed. The study was conducted in two Phases. Phase one was a review of departmental programs and services related to retirement. Phase two profiles the public service employee survey results in terms of awareness of communication products and tools. The findings will assist organizations in their provision of identifying new or additional support to employees who are retiring. The Phase one review found that departmental programs and service offerings vary considerably. Most information offered relates to the pension benefits or other financial aspects of retirement. These information sources are available to all employees. While all employees have equal access to Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) related retirement policies and services, the extent to which employees are encouraged or supported to use these initiatives is not known. Phase two results suggest that public servants are aware of most of the products and tools, already use them, and find them very useful. However, when survey participants were asked what methods in general they preferred as a communication vehicle, they had limited preferences. This paper explores the link between adult learning principles and the facilitation of employee preparation to retirement. Using retirement as the learner’s platform our study looked at information and educational opportunities regarding retirement that are available to public servants. The right tools are needed to move from simply providing information to actually facilitating the transfer of learning in a meaningful manner.

Keywords: Adult Learning, Retirement Preparation

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 14, Issue 9, pp.193-204. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 783.078KB).

Dr. Betty Ann M. Turpin

Owner, Turpin Consultants, Inc., Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Betty Ann M. Turpin,Ph.D, MPA Dr. Turpin has held management, research, teaching, and project management positions in the public sector, within a national research institute, and in post-secondary academic institutions. Her knowledge is well grounded in business management (i.e., strategic planning, reviews, organizational development, implementation), performance and evaluation frameworks (e.g., results-based management & accountability, balanced-scorecard, mandate/relevance reviews, evaluation), project management (i.e., instructing, coordinating, planning, implementing, third-party accountability); research and assessment/evaluation (e.g., survey design, Gs &Cs reviews, third party accountability), human resources (e.g., adult learning, learning plans, organization review and design, performance management, work-life issues); and lifestyle practices. Dr. Turpin has designed and delivered numerous workshops to adults on a variety of topics such as project management, evaluation, retirement, and lifestyles. She has written numerous papers and reports, conducted 100’s of interviews with all levels of management and staff, facilitated working groups and meetings, developed and implemented numerous surveys and interview guidelines, and prepared and made over 100 presentations. As well, she has managed over 100 projects, as a project manager. Betty Ann is currently, an instructor at Carleton University with the Centre for Research and Education on Women and Work where she teaches program evaluation and project management. Dr. Turpin holds a Ph.D. with a minor in Research and Design, a Masters of Science, and a Masters of Public Administration with a health care specialization. She has trained and/or certified in four personal/business coaching programs: (1) Coach2 Business Coaching, (2) Strategy-Focused Leadership Development Coaching, (3), Retirement Coaching, and (4) REBT Coaching Techniques.

Linda Dimitra Rhea Marie Scourtoudis

Graduate Student and Sessional Lecturer, Eric Sprott School of Business, Canada Public Service Agency, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Linda Scourtoudis, PhD Candidate Eric Sprott School of Business Carleton University Ms. Scourtoudis is a PhD candidate of management in the Eric Sprott School of Business at Carleton University where she teaches courses in International Management. Ms. Scourtoudis holds M.B.A. and International Business degrees from Carleton University. Ms. Scourtoudis' research interests centre on careers, leadership, strategic human resources planning, retirement and women in management. Ms. Scourtoudis was the principal researcher of The Public Service in Transition: Moving Beyond the Workplace- Exploring Life’s Journey published by the Canadian Centre for Management Development and the lead pen on Succession Planning for Corporate Knowledge Transfer: A Guide for Managers and Human Resources Specialists published by the Treasury Board Secretariat. She has also contributed to numerous research articles. Awards include: Dean’s List, Senate Medal For Outstanding Academic Achievement, Four time All Canadian (Award for combining excellence in varsity athletics and academics).

Dr. Debora K. Toll

Senior Policy Advisor, Toll. Industry Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Debora has a Ph.d in Educational Psychology from the University of Ottawa. She is currently working as a Senior Policy Advisor on HR matters at Industry Canada. Debora has also worked as Senior Advisor to Senior Executives on organizational development issues.


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