An Ontology-based E-learning Model for Effective Management of Learning Resources

By Bhavani Sridharan, Bill Martin and Hepu Deng.

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A systematic approach to managing knowledge is an essential pre-requisite to enable learners and knowledge seekers to access relevant material as and when required in the current Internet era. To enable effective e-learning, ontologies can play a crucial role in the management of knowledge with respect to various learning strategies. While ontologies and the semantic web, which provide for semantic links, are increasingly used in business and research, their acceptance in e-learning is still at the preliminary stage. This paper reviews the relevant literature for identification of critical ontology factors supporting various learning strategies, based on which it proposes a comprehensive model to enable efficient reuse and sharing of knowledge in an e-learning environment.

Keywords: Knowledge Management, e-Learning, Ontology, Semantic Web

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 14, Issue 12, pp.23-32. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 606.151KB).

Dr. Bhavani Sridharan

Research Student, Business Information Technology, RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Bhavani Sridharan’s areas of research interests include knowledge management, ontologies and sematic web, e-learning and database management.

Prof. Bill Martin

Professor and Director of Research, School of Business Information Technology, RMIT University, Victoria, Australia

Prof. Bill Martin is Director of Research at the School of Business Information Technology, RMIT University in Melbourne. As a leading knowledge management player, he is active nationally and internationally as an author, speaker and facilitator.

Assoc Prof. Hepu Deng

Associate Professor, School of Business Information Technology, RMIT University, Victoria, Australia

Dr. Hepu Deng is an associate professor at the School of Business Information Technology, RMIT University, Australia. His research interests include multicriteria analysis, neural networks, approximate reasoning, fuzzy logic, preference modelling, knowledge management and their applications in business.


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