A Virtual Academic Leadership Program Using a Blend of Technologies

By Richard Ladyshewsky, Inna Geoghegan, Sue Jones and Bev Oliver.

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Leadership development (LD) is usually delivered in a face to face format, over a period of time, to engage learners in an experiential manner. These LD programs usually include: self and team assessment; theory; developmental experiences; and coaching. University based LD programs, however, can be difficult to deliver because of the nature of the academics’ work. Academics have teaching, research, consultancy and conference commitments which makes regular attendance at a LD program difficult. Using advances in elearning technology, however, it becomes possible to deliver a more self-directed and flexible LD program for this cohort of people. This can be achieved by starting out with a learning management system (LMS), such as Blackboard, as the platform and then blending in a range of technologies to enhance learning outcomes. For example, academic and web based information can be integrated into the system, along with i-lectures, to deliver theoretical content. Links to in house digital libraries, scholarly databases, and the WWW provide further access to learning resources. For learner engagement and coaching, asynchronous discussion boards can be used to discuss leadership theory and experiences. Blogging can be used for reflective journalling. Communication technology such as Skype can be used for ‘face to face’ real time coaching. This presentation illustrates how these combined technologies, integrated through a LMS, can be used to create a comprehensive and flexible LD experience where the technology supports the educational innovation.

Keywords: Academic Leadership, Blended Technologies, Experiential Learning

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 14, Issue 12, pp.53-62. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 548.763KB).

Dr. Richard Ladyshewsky

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, WA, Australia

Richard is an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Business, Curtin University of Technology. Richard's scholarly interests relate to leadership and professional development and how coaching supports such growth. He teaches in the area of managerial and leadership effectiveness and is currently part of a team that was awarded a grant from the Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching to develop an academic leadership program for course coordinators. Richard led a project which established a successful and fully on-line MBA at Curtin University. He has received several teaching and learning awards for excellence in elearning and has conducted research and published on the efficacy of elearning in higher education.

Inna Geoghegan

Curtin University of Technology, Perth, WA, Australia

Inna has worked in the field of online teaching and learning for almost a decade. She has a Master of Business Administration from Curtin University of Technology along with a double major in education and history, from Kyiv State University in Ukraine. Inna's professional background is in international business and she had been involved in management and co-ordination of a variety of international projects. Inna works as the eLearning Coordinator at the Graduate School of Business, Curtin University and also teaches Organisational Behaviour online.

Ms. Sue Jones

Dean of Teaching and Learning, Health Sciences, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, WA, Australia

Sue Jones is the Dean of Teaching and Learning for the Division of Health Sciences at Curtin University of Technology. She has developed systems to benchmark quality teaching and learning, along with a course review quality improvement process for the Division of Health Sciences. For several years Sue was the Clinical Coordinator, School of Physiotherapy which involved managing external stakeholder relationships to deliver quality clinical programs for large numbers of students. Sue Jones is highly involved in teaching and learning initiatives at a senior level within the University. She is the project leader for a Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching Grant to develop an Academic Leadership Program for Course Coordinators.

Dr. Bev Oliver

Associate Professor and Manager, Teaching Development Unit, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, WA, Australia

Beverley Oliver is Associate Professor and Manager of the Teaching Development Unit at Curtin University of Technology and oversees several high level, strategic University teaching development initiatives, including assessment of learning quality, mapping of course outcomes, and curriculum renewal. She has a BA Hons, M. Phil. And Ph.D. from the University of Western Australia along with a Grad Diploma Education Murdoch University. She is part of a team that was awarded a Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching Grant to develop an Academic Leadership Program for Course Coordinators.


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