Biopedagogism: A New Theory for Learning

By Stamatis Alahiotis and Eleni Karatzia-Stavlioti.

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Expecting the foundations of cognitive ontogeny to be in considerable concord with phylogeny, we claim that a possible “coordination” of the brain’s neural networks phylo-ontogenetic dynamics and cognitive devices with a proper preschool and school education, a theory termed “biopedagogism”, could strengthen physically the relative structures, thus having a deep positive impact on teaching/learning/education; biopedagogism is expected to result in an easier, faster and deeper acquisition of knowledge and more effective learning during schooling and thereafter. Such an enhancement could be achieved by culturing and developing, in a hierarchical, interactive and progressive fashion, some primary, fundamental and central for human’s learning competences, those being the technological (T), social (S), language-literacy (L), and numeracy (N); to this extent some specific examples for schooling and suggestions for educators are also given.

Keywords: Biopedagogy, Nature of Learning, School Education, Fundamental Competences, School Effectiveness

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 15, Issue 3, pp.323-330. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 671.620KB).

Prof. Stamatis Alahiotis

Professor of Genetics, Department of Biology, University of Patras, Patras, Achaia, Greece

Professor in Genetics, Former Rector of the University of Patras, Former Head of the Hellenic Pedagogical Institute. His main research interests are on the developmental and evolutionary genetics, as well as on biopedagogical themes. He is an author of about seventy original full papers in international refereed professional journals, of many national and international conference presentations and an invited speaker in several of them, of three scientific books, of three popularized ones, as well as of hundreds popularized scientific articles; he is also a member of several local and international professional societies and has served as a president or a council member in many scientific Greek Institutions. He is involved in the Greek public debate on genetical and pedagogico-educational themes.

Eleni Karatzia-Stavlioti

Assistant Professor in Educational Evaluation, Department of Primary Education, Fuculty of Sociology and Educational Policy,, University of Patras, Patras, Achaia, Greece

Assistant Professor in Educational Evaluation in the Department of Elementary Education, University of Patras. She has served as a Primary School Teacher, a Head-teacher, a School Counselor, a Primary Education Counselor at the Hellenic Pedagogical Institute and a Vice President at the Department of Quality in Education at the Hellenic Pedagogical Institute. Her main research interests are on educational evaluation, school effectiveness, educational performance indicators and pupil assessment related to biopedagogy. She is an author of several scientific refereed articles, of many national and international conference presentations as well as a co-author of one scientific book. She is also a member of several local and international professional societies.


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