Professional Training Planning in the Risk Management Field

By Nadia Ciocoiu, Gabriela Berea and Catalin Razvan Dobrea.

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This paper presents the main aspects regarding professional training in risk management domain, as well as the component phases of the training plan with accent on the evaluation of the training’s efficacy.
The paper begins with a definition of the risk management concept, a description of its action area as well as the occupied position in the organization’s general management frame. At the same time, in order to emphasize the importance of professional training in this field, there are presented the factors that influence the training and knowledge accumulation in the management risk field. Two models were elaborated for educational development. The first one is based on scientific research and the other one is based on practice. Education in the field of risk management fits best in the second model, combined with the essential factor of the differences that exists between competitors, better said, the competition between them.
The plan of professional training is described by the three component phases (analysis, formation & development, evaluation); there are also briefly presented some managerial techniques used in the field of risk management. An important phase of the planification methodology is represented by the evaluation of the professional formation’s efficiency. Given the specificity of the domain, it is necessary to impose the classification of the notions of efficiency and efficacy in the risk management field and in the professional training field. In the end of the paper there are presented some specific aspects of efficiency and efficacy evaluation of the professional formation phases in the risk management field.

Keywords: Risk Management, Professional Training, Efficiency and Efficacy, Planning, Evaluation

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 15, Issue 4, pp.135-146. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 646.640KB).

Nadia Ciocoiu

Senior Lecturer PhD, Faculty of Management, Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

I am 32 years old and I am a senior lecturer at the Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest, the most important university in Romania, in the economic area. Key qualifications: Risk management, Economic Efficiency, Investment Evaluation, Modelling and simulation of economic processes. Project supervisor of research scientific projects: “Risk management of the new business models in the knolwledge based society”. Publications: over 50 articles and papers presented at national and international symposiums, 10 books (single author or coaouthor) dealing with risk management, quantitative methods for business, efficiency in the economic area, case studies etc.

Gabriela Berea

economist, Ministry of Public Finance, Bucharest, Romania

I am a superior economist with the Romanian’s Ministry of Public Finance. I have a PhD in Management, the doctoral thesis title being “Management methods and techniques applied to the continuing training of the human resource domain on a microeconomic level”. I am also an associate researcher with the Academy of Economical Studies from Bucharest, Romania. My research domains are the continuing training of the human resource, the IT management, economical simulation and economical and financial legislation.

Catalin Razvan Dobrea

University Lecturer, Faculty of Management, Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

I am 32 years old and I am university lecturer at the Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest, Faculty of Management. Key qualification: Investment project, Economic Efficiency, Project Management. I am member of 12 team’s research projects in field of: investment management projects, corporate social responsibility, and optimal distribution for health services. Publications: over 30 articles and research papers presented at national and international symposiums, 6 books about efficiency of investments projects, analyses and implementation of project in different fields, case studies etc.


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