The Acquisition of Environmental Knowledge through the Development of Games in a Higher Degree Course in Nigeria

By Ayotola Aremu.

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This paper reports a study carried out amongst 15 graduate students enrolled for a post-graduate degree in educational technology in one of the Nigerian Universities. In one of the courses the students took-(design and production of instructional media) they were expected to identify educational, instructional or learning problems in their areas of specialization, that is, the subject they teach in school and they were to design instructional packages to solve the problem/s.
While trying to do this, the class stumbled on an area of knowledge most of the class members did not know much about and which they desired to learn about. The topic was an environmental issue, which is ozone layer depletion (causes, effects, and solutions etc). This author who was teaching the course therefore challenged them, in addition to what other areas they were to work on to also do a joint project on the ozone layer.
The author designed a program for the project. The program included amongst other things-sessions on how to design simple games, playing and interacting with existing games, searching for information on the ozone layer, discussing and clarifying information collected and so on. The end result of the 10week program was a board game on the causes, effects and existing solutions to the ozone layer depletion problem. The program, the learning experience of the students and the knowledge they gained are reported in this paper. In addition the game is described and process of playing presented.

Keywords: Games

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 15, Issue 5, pp.299-306. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.160MB).

Dr. Ayotola Aremu

Lecturer, Department of Teacher Education, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

41 year old and female Nigerian, I obtained a first degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and taught for 10 years at the Faculties of Technical Education at 2 higher institutions in my Country. I choose to teach rather than work in the industry because I had loved to teach my mates while I was in high school. I used to enjoy teaching them mathematics. I decided to follow this my line of interest by taking an M;Ed in Educational Technology after obtaining a Higher Diploma in Education. My areas of specialisation were mathematics education and educational Technology. With an interest in developing resources for teaching Mathematics, I decided to take a Ph.D degree in Educational Technology. For the research work, I designed and developed games to teach primary school children aspects of Geometry. Currently I am lecturing at the Educational Technology unit of The University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria where I also carry out researches. My main areas of research interest are design of games and other resources for teaching primary children mathematics and science, sustaining the interest of girls in Mathematics and use of toys for total development of children. I have published 18 articles in journals and books in these areas and some others.


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