Cyberculture and Learning: New Processes within the Framework of the Globalised Society

By Antonio Bernal Guerrero and Antonio Ramón Cárdenas Gutiérrez.

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Education must give answers to those new contexts delimited by globalisation. However, the emergency of a new pedagogical narrative being on a par with the times will also depend, in a decisive manner, on the conception and valuation of the subject which, at the same time, is linked to the progress of scientific research and the meaning which will be eventually given to educational learning. The new horizon for the principle of “educating for life” currently requires a more demanding cultural teaching of basic literacy. In this context, we need to consider the pedagogical principles and possibilities detected in the use of information and communication technologies. The world we live in is characterised by a complex structure of social and technical systems demanding a new conception of learning, a notion which contemplates, particularly, that learning, at present, means to learn how to participate more effectively in interdependence and cooperation processes. Hence, the display of the possible self-determination and the search for our own well-being is guaranteed by reciprocity and cooperation.

Keywords: Globalisation, Culture, Postmodernity, Information and Communication Technologies, Learning

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 15, Issue 5, pp.255-260. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 577.880KB).

Dr. Antonio Bernal Guerrero

Director of Research Group GIPEPERSE, Department of Theory and History of Education and Social Pedagogy, University of Seville, Sevilla, Spain

Dr. Antonio Ramón Cárdenas Gutiérrez

Department Theory and History of Education and Social Pedagogic, University of Seville, Morón de la Fra, Spain


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