Epiphanies in Action: Teaching and Learning in Synchronous Harmony

By David R. Cole and Paul Throssell.

Published by The Learner Collection

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If one takes three individuals and interviews them with respect to life changing experiences and how they relate to education what would one expect to find? Certainly these people would speak about moments of educational challenge and inspiration, or times where their goals have been unachievable or misdirected. Perhaps they would suggest ways in which learning has been an escape route from the perception that circumstances are pre-determined. This paper represents a search for these pedagogic epiphanies. They are located in the narratives of three people - and they are loaded with subjective principles in terms of the relationships that these narratives may build with pedagogic experience (Clough, 2002) and skills, and the definition of a subject area about epiphanies and teaching and learning. It is critical that this paper relates the three narrative strands to a theoretical stratum that embeds and grounds them without diminishing their singularity. The theory and narrative evidence of this paper are part of the processes that not only comprehend and represent pedagogic epiphanies, but also show how they may infuse readers with transformative forces through words.

Keywords: Pedagogic Epiphanies

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 15, Issue 7, pp.175-184. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 597.499KB).

Dr. David R. Cole

Senior lecturer, Education, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

David R. Cole, Ph.D. is an educationalist and writer currently employed by the University of Technology, Sydney in Australia as a senior lecturer in Literacy, English Education and Professional Studies. He has lived and worked on four continents, and synthesises this experience in his academic thinking that has global scope. He published a novel in 2006 called A Mushroom of Glass with Sid Harta and is under contract to write several academic books for international houses including Routledge that address new paradigms in literacy education. Furthermore, he has published in high quality international journals such as Educational Philosophy and Theory and Prospect. He has been asked to give presentations in major universities on educational matters in Canada, the US, Argentina, Russia, the UK, Australia and China.

Dr. Paul Throssell

Tutor, Department of education, University of Tasmania, Australia

Paul Throssell, Ph.D. is a life coach and writer on educational change. As a life coach he believes strongly in enabling people to choose and build better personal futures, to develop ways to make our lives more successful. He also believes that learning to achieve what we want in our lives should be enjoyable, stimulating and purposeful. He has lectured at university on teaching and learning for many years, specializing in innovative ways to engage learners. Moreover, he has also written and presented internationally on areas related to lifelong learning, been a ministerial appointee on Home Education, teacher of Aboriginal students, and a special education teacher in communicative disorders. He has achieved a doctorate focused upon agelessness transformation, on breaking our stereotypes of age and living agelessly.


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