When Research Meets Practice: Using Metacognitive Strategies to Teach Social Skills

By Cheryl Holder, Patti Whetstone and Jan Sheinker.

Published by The Learner Collection

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This presentation provides an overview of how, using a metacognitive approach, students are taught how to self-direct, self-monitor, self-evaluate, and self-correct to demonstrate appropriate social behaviors. Through this program, Metacognitive Approach to Social Skills Training – Revised, students are taught to evaluate social situations and to generate their own behavioral choices, rather than try to fit a few models of appropriate social behavior to every situation. The program may be taught by fourth- through twelfth-grade teachers of any type of student needing the program, as well as by counselors and psychologists who provide social skills training. Students learn the essential metacognitive skills in a group situation that allow them to benefit from the practice, insight, and unique learning advantages afforded by group interaction. In addition, opportunities to learn from observation and to practice new skills outside the training situation are structured for the students. The presenters will demonstrate how the program fits into, and supports, the established initiatives of Character Education, Positive Behavior Supports (PBS), Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Response to Intervention (RtI). Through the research provided by these initiatives, student participation in training in behavioral/social skills programs have shown to have a positive impact on academic success.

Keywords: Metacognitive Strategies, Social Skills, Social and Emotional Learning, Character Education, Positive Behavior Supports, Response to Intervention

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 15, Issue 8, pp.205-212. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 581.949KB).

Dr. Cheryl Holder

Educational Consultant, Sheinker Educational Services, Inc., Scottsboro, Alabama, USA

Cheryl Holder, Ed. D. is an educational consultant who works with state departments of education, local school districts, and others in areas such as general education standards/curriculum alignment, assessment, special education, social skills training and character education. A former teacher of students with disabilities, local education agency special education director, and education specialist for the Alabama Department of Education, Dr. Holder has worked in the field of special education over 28 years. She received her doctorate in Instructional Leadership (2001) from the University of Alabama with concentration in curricular issues. She has taught university coursework for teacher preparation programs with a focus on aligning general education standards to teaching materials. Dr. Holder is currently working with Sheinker Educational Services, Inc. to develop and publish a social skills curriculum that uses metacognitive strategies to teach student to be self-regulated learners.

Patti Whetstone

Educational Consultant, Sheinker Educational Services, Inc., Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

Dr. Patti Whetstone is an Assistant Professor of Exceptional Education at Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY. She has over two decades of experience and knowledge working with students of all ages. Dr. Whetstone has been the State Director of Special Programs for the State of Wyoming and worked in the public school system as a general education and special education teacher, consulting teacher and educational diagnostician. She has done extensive work on the national, state and local levels on topics such as behavior/classroom management, Positive Behavior Support, Response to Intervention, standards revision and review, alternate assessment and using assessment results to plan instruction. Dr. Whetstone continues to advocate for students and student rights at the local, state and national level. Dr. Whetstone is also affliated with Sheinker Educational Services, Inc. as an educational consultant.

Jan Sheinker

President, Sheinker Educational Services, Inc., Sheinker Educational Services, Inc., Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

Dr. Jan Sheinker specializes in general and special education standards, curriculum, assessment, instruction, school improvement, and systems alignment. She is the author of instructional programs, professional development materials, research reviews and policy documents. In more than 30 years in public education, Sheinker has taught and supervised both general and special education classrooms and assessment teams, and facilitated the development of general and special education state and district standards and assessments. Sheinker has been a general education and special education classroom teacher, an educational diagnostician, a principal, a teacher trainer, a program developer, a regional service center co-director, a state department of education director, and a United States Department of Education technical assistance provider. She has developed, implemented, and researched innovative programs in social skills, study strategies, assessments, and standards instruction. Her work has focused on the most challenging at-risk students and schoolwide programs that help all students succeed.


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