The Handing Down of Text... Reclaiming Reading

By Jennifer Batycky.

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Primary classrooms are under two very distinct spells of reading, the spell of transformation and the spell of silence. The spell of transformation appears in a confident way, taking hold of teachers through levelled books, diagnostic testing and prescriptive steps to sucessful reading. This way of living with children and books presents itself in confident and seductive ways, taking books, children and teachers out of the landscape of reading. The second spell emerges in a much quieter way, inviting students and teachers into reading by participating in conversations together using books as the focal point of the horizon. But it is curious to note the places from which both of these spells have emerged and how they play out in classrooms. Much of this work is informed by Gadamer and a hermenutic approach to research.

Keywords: Litteracy, Curriculum, Early Childhood, Hermenutics

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 15, Issue 11, pp.177-184. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 981.272KB).

Jennifer Batycky

Area Assistant Principal, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Although Jennifer’s day job is working for the Calgary Board of Education. She has recently become a PHD Candidate at the University of Calgary in the area of Education, specializing in interpretive inquiry. Her background is in primary schools, working in generative curriculum and hermenutic inquiry. In her tweleve years, she has been both a school administrator and a primary teacher. Her academic research has emerged from a place of both experience and observation on the changes that have taken hold of reading in primary classrooms. She is working from a hermenutic perspective to help teachers and students recover the invitations and joys of literacy, allowing reading to be part of a horizon not simply a tested skill.


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