Reading, Schooling, and Future Time Perspective: A Small-Scale Study of Five Academically Successful Young Swedes

By Ulla Damber.

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My research project will be briefly described. Evidence-based research describing over-achieving classes in reading was performed in a first large-scale study of the grade 3 classes in Stockholm. Standardized reading comprehension tests, student and teacher questionnaires were employed. The meagre results of this first study will be compared with those of a second, more focused, mixed methods follow-up study on eight multi-cultural classes, overachieving in reading, where the teachers view of literacy as participating in a social, cultural practice, was enacted within the realms of a book flood programme. In the present study five in-depth interviews were carried out with academically very successful young multicultural adults to explore how they viewed their school trajectories and their present situation. The informants validate the results of the second study and also indicate that these students have developed a very strong Future Time Perspective. They also indicate that the future-oriented pedagogy they met with as children, has influenced their attitudes towards school and a future academic career, apart from giving them strategies and tools for further learning. The theoretical frame of reference employs FTP-research, the enlarged concept of literacy as described in new Literacy Studies, and Vygotsky's theories on learning, together with the results of the second study. Implications for practitioners and implications for researchers in terms of a more extensive use of both qualitative and quantitative methods in researching literacy will be discussed.

Keywords: Future Time Perspective, Future-oriented Pedagogy, Second Language Acquisition, Second Language Teaching

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp.235-248. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.205MB).

Dr. Ulla Damber

Teacher Educator, PhD Student, Education, Mid Sweden University, Linköping University, Härnösand, Sweden

I have worked as a teacher in Swedish as both first and second language for about 20 years. The last ten years I primarily worked as an adult educator. For the last five years I have worked as a teacher educator at Mid Seden University in pedagogy. My MA also is in pedagogy. My doctoral studies were to focus effective schools in reading. However,he focus of study has shifted more and more to focus multicultural issues, second language acquisition, and second language teaching. The clash between the the psycholinguistic view on reading and the socio-cultural view on literacy has also drawn my attention.


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