Third and Foreign Language Teaching: Issues and Solutions

By Madiha Zeest Waheed.

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This study aims to explore possibilities of help a teacher gets from L1 and L2 for learning L3. The implication of the study is to share the findings so that others can benefit and improve the class atmosphere.
In this paper, the focus group of the study comprised of the educated and well to do class of the society who are learning French. They already know Urdu (national language) and English (Official language). 60 students having age range from 15 to 60 at Beginners level. were tested twice on oral and written competence during the semester. The main issues in teaching a third language were as follows;
1) Problem in pronunciation.
2) Writing down the sounds.
3) Gender identification.
4) Word to word translations.
5) Grammar issues

In this study it was found that if L1 and L2 create problems in the acquisition of L3 they can also be helpful.
It was established that the teacher, could take help from L1 and L2 to guide the students for better understanding and assimilation of L3.

Keywords: Foreign Language, Third Language, L1 & L2, Similarity, Differences, Possibilities

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 16, Issue 5, pp.23-34. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.337MB).

Madiha Zeest Waheed

Lecturer, French Language, Communication, Institute of Busines Managemnet, Karachi, Pakistan

Madiha Zeest Waheed did her Bachelors in Psychology, Political Science and Persian from St. Josephs’ College Karachi, Pakistan. Did Diplôme de Langue Française from Alliance Française (bachelors level) and then Masters in French from Universite Lumiere ,Lyon,France. She has a keen interest in what goes in the mind. She has done counseling as well. Living in Pakistan she has experienced a close knit family life. Belonging to a non western society has worked in a western atmosphere, ie, Alliance Francaise de Karachi Pakistan. She has been teaching French since 1997. Has compiled a French /English picture dictionary. Has received a letter of appreciation from the Executive Director of Institute of Business Management for her good performance. She held a workshop for the faculty on language learning.


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