Relation between Clear Aims and Teacher Satisfaction

By Betina von Staa.

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It is known that teachers who have clear aims for their lessons also reach more satisfactory results, and this includes classes that involve technology. However, it is important to better describe the concept of clear aims, and even of productive aims. Here we analyze the kinds of objectives that rendered 70 teachers very satisfied, satisfied or unsatisfied when using the Alfabeto program (E-Blocks) for two months in 10 Pre-schools in São Paulo, Brazil, in more than 1,000 classes. We found out that the teachers who were very satisfied with their classes (44%) had clear and precise aims, which focused on the step-by-step development of their students. Satisfied teachers (48%) tended to copy their aims from lesson plans, and to focus on their own work as teachers instead of on their students’ development. Unsatisfied teachers (8%) formulated extremely broad aims that could never be accomplished in one class, or they focused on the learning of letters instead of more meaningful topics for children. These results help us guide teachers to better plan their classes, especially when using technological devices. These resources tend to be very motivating themselves, but render much better results when its use is adequately planned.

Keywords: Satisfaction, Aims, Technology, Alfabeto, Planning

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 16, Issue 6, pp.747-762. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.897MB).

Dr. Betina von Staa

Research Coordinator, Educational Technology, Positivo Informática, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Betina von Staa is a PhD. in Applied Linguistics with focus on distance education. She has been doing teacher training in educational technology since 2001. She coordinates a reference section on educational technology for educational portals of Positivo Informática ( As a research coordinator, she has analysed the outcomes of big educational technology integration programs in Brazil, in the City of São Paulo and in the State of Piauí.


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