Towards a New Paradigm of Education in the 21st Century Society

By Mirela Muresan and Janina Flueras.

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The aim of the paper is to answer some of these questions: What will the educational paradigm of the society of the future look like? (What “philosophy” will it be based upon?, What perspective on the world will it offer?, What will the ideal of education in the 21st Century be? Can we hope for a trans-humanist future?) How can we adapt the theory of trans-disciplinary thinking to the field of education? How can it be implemented in public education? How can we cross the bridge that relates trans-disciplinary knowledge to trans-disciplinary teaching-learning? (know-how). What would the ideal curricular model for the school of tomorrow be, so as to offer the student a holistic perspective on the world, a correct perspective of the unitary state of knowledge?
The paper will have two distinctive parts that will address the issue at hand both theoretically and practically. The flow of the argument is nevertheless inductive, from the particular case to the general idea, from the practical experiment to the building of the theory.

Keywords: Trans-Disciplinary Knowledge

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 16, Issue 8, pp.207-220. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.289MB).

Mirela Muresan

Teacher, The Romanian Department, “Moise Nicoara” National College, Arad, Romania

She is a high-school teacher at “Moise Nicoara” College, in Arad, a town situated in the western part of Romania, Europe. She teaches Romanian language and literature to the students from the 9-th to 12- th grade; member of the National Committee for Romanian Literature Curriculum Designing in Romania; she is one of the designers of the new curriculum performed today in all the high schools in Romania, according to the reform of education, which took place in the country starting from 1997; member in the Board of the National Association of Teachers of Romanian Literature (ANPRO) (see the web page:; board member of the national didactic review, “Perspective” (Perspectives) issued in Cluj–Napoca, Romania; associated research worker at the National Institute of Education Sciences; her research interests and work are in the fields of philosophy of education and educational strategies. She attended many national and international conferences, symposiums organized in Romania, with various scientific papers concerning the problems of curriculum designing, philosophy of education, critical thinking and didactic issues. She is well known all over the country due to the articles published in the Romanian scientific reviews and books concerning the same issues. She took part in a lot of national and European projects for education such as Comenius, Grundwig, provided by the European Union.

Janina Flueras

Teacher, Romanian Department, “Moise Nicoara” National College, Arad, Romania

She is a teacher of Romanian language and literature at “Moise Nicoara” College, Arad, Romania. Her research interests and work are in the fields of literature and education. She holds a PhD in philology - Romanian literature (reading the works of two Romanian writers from the point of view of an ontology of wholeness). She is a member of the international affairs team of her school. Between 1999-2007 she has coordinated educational and cultural exchanges of her school with schools from Europe. She conceived the syllabus for the optional courses of the humanistic classes, which are taught at “Moise Nicoara” College: An approach to Aesthetics, Romanian Traditional Culture and Civilization, European Cultural Paradigms.


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