Warts and All: Integrating ICT in Teacher Training

By Miriam Tanti and Wendy Moran.

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This paper examines a retrospective view of a final year secondary teacher education unit which has explored the use of an integrative method. Over a period of three years the unit has utilised an interdisciplinary approach in teaching the content of the unit using information and communication technologies (ICT). Each year a team of four staff undertook the teaching of this unit and brought together skills and knowledge from different curriculum areas. Two of the teaching staff have consistently delivered this unit over the three year period and here review the success and difficulties encountered over this time.
An honest and open evaluation based upon student and staff responses of the unit will be presented in this paper giving a practical viewpoint to ICT integration. Issues encountered such as expertise of staff, resource availability, willingness of students to learn in a different framework, willingness of staff to teach in a different framework, achievement of student outcomes, organisational structure, and valid assessment strategies are explored and discussed. Recommendations for future initiatives in using interdisciplinary approaches involving ICT are provided to give university teachers a framework on which to base their own future practice.

Keywords: Interdisciplinary Approaches, Information & Communication Technology, Teacher Education

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 16, Issue 8, pp.641-656. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.775MB).

Miriam Tanti

Lecturer in Faculty Education, School of Education (NSW), Australian Catholic University, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Miriam Tanti has been a lecturer in the School of Education at Australian Catholic University for five years. Her curriculum area is Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and other teaching areas include professional skills and classroom management. Miriam is currently writing her PhD which explores the effects of a slow pedagogy on promoting value and culture in an ICT enriched learning environment.

Dr. Wendy Moran

Lecturer in Faculty of Education, School of Education (NSW), Australian Catholic University, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Wendy Moran has been a lecturer in the School of Education at the Australian Catholic University for just on fifteen years. Her main areas of teaching are curriculum design, interdisciplinary approaches, teaching methods, classroom management and primary music education. She has recently submitted her PhD which focuses on the nature of caring teachers in the secondary classroom. Wendy’s research areas are university/school partnerships, professional experience, teacher efficacy, caring teachers and teacher/student relationships.


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