Interdisciplinary Approach to Construct Identity and Alterity in Literature, Film and Culture: Arts and the Otherness

By Eva Monica Szekely and Cristiana-Ligia-Maria Lapusan.

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The relationship between education, moral philosophy, books and film has raised a real interest among teachers in the past years. Moreover, the interconnections between literature and film studies as a discipline – “Literature and other arts” (according to the curricula) - have always raised philosophical questions. Therefore, we are going to focus on the concepts of “text”/ “literature” and “image”/ “film” both from a theoretical and from a pragmatic point of view (by referring to a possible re-reading and understanding model). The relationship between these concepts will be approached from two different perspectives: as mimesis (the faculty to copy, to imitate, to make models, to explore differences) and as social semiosis (the faculty to yield into some main characters of books and/ or film and become an Other person by using creative aptitudes of adaptation and (re)creation). On this way, the main theme of our paper – the mimetic relationship between text/ literature and image/ film - will be amplified on three parallel domains: philosophical, psychological and didactic, in an interdisciplinary way. All in all, by this paper, we intend both to clarify the actual problems related to this theme and to issue and suggest a method of approaching it during classes. The theory we rely on and the experiment we developed will support our premises and further considerations.

Keywords: Philosophical Approach: Mimesis vs. Semiosis, Text/ Literature vs. Image/ Film, Syncretism of Arts, Psychological Approach: (de) Construct Identity and Alterity, Didactic Approach: Creative Learning, (non)Cognitive Affective Response

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 16, Issue 10, pp.81-102. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.336MB).

Dr. Eva Monica Szekely

Lecturer, PhD in Sciences of Education, Faculty , Science and Letters, Petru Maior University of Târgu-Mureş, Targu Mures, Romania

Eva Monica Szekely (b. 1967 in Baia Mare, Romania) is Senior Lecturer at Petru Maior University of Targu Mures. She graduated the Faculty of Letters, with a degree in Romanian and Latin Language and Literature at the University of Timisoara in 1990. She was a teacher of Romanian Literature at Mihai Eminescu Pedagogic Highschool in Targu-Mures. Since 2000, she has been teaching at Petru Maior University in Targu-Mures such objects as Literature for children and young pupils, Romanian Language and Literature Didactics, Contemporary Romanian Language. Her literary debut took place in 2001 in Tarnava literary magazine with an essay dedicated to Mircea Eliade. Her first book was published in 2002 at the Niculescu Publishing House in Bucharest and is entitled Mircea Eliade – the Temptation of Limits / Mircea Eliade – tentatia limitelor. Several articles proving the author’s interest in the concept of integrated approach of reading and communication appeared in dedicated magazines and / or in the bulletins of national and international conferences and symposiums she took part to (Philologica, Edu World 2005, European Integration between Tradition and Modernity, Perspectives – the Magazine of Romanian Language and Literature Didactics, Interculturality – studies, research, experience, etc.). She became Phd in Sciences of Education in 2006, a title received at the University of Bucharest with a thesis entitled Educating the Reading Competence of Teen-Agers. A synthesis of it was published in the book The Competence of Re-reading. Experience in Integrated Vision in 2007 at Dacia Publishing House. The book benefits from a rich experience of teaching that has permanently been filtered by the mediation and initiation of students and teachers during the courses of continuous formation held at the level of pre-university education. Our intention as the whole education activity was to argue the importance of the intercultural education strategies and the transfer of emotions and (interethnical) conflicts between generations in the field of the culture by the (re)reading on three level, step by step, of some universal archetypes like otherness, in different literature.

Cristiana-Ligia-Maria Lapusan

MA Student, The History of Literature and the System of Literary Criticism, Petru Maior University of Târgu-Mureş, Romania

Lăpuşan Cristiana is a MA Student at “Petru Maior” University of Târgu-Mureş and is studying the system of literary criticism. She graduated in 2005, at the same university, a specialization of the Letters Faculty: Romanian Language and Literature – English Language and Literature with a paper called From the Subjective Map to the Argumentative Essay. Techniques of (Re)Reading Postmodern Poetry in High-school (in Romanian). Her main interests are: the (postmodern) paradigm of the educative act, the metamorphosis of culture and education, universal postmodern literature and literary criticism. She participated at many conferences in Romania were she published the following articles: Literature between Film Adaptation and Educative Text (2009)(in Romanian), The Psychology of Modern Communication in School. From the Word to the Image (2008)(in Romanian). The article named The Metaphor of the Circle in the Writings of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Liviu Georgescu (2009)(in English) was published in an internationally recognized magazine, Studia Universitatis “Petru Maior” - Philologia. She intends to focus her studies on two main directions: the one of academic didactics and another one of the literary criticism, as by understanding writers’ personal conception/ perception of the world one can teach easily literature to the students.


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