Teaching by Example in Collaborative Evaluations

By Liliana Rodríguez-Campos and Sarah Mirlenbrink Bombly.

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In teaching by example, an individual demonstrates and fosters learning through knowledgeable modelling, guidance, and support. Teaching by example capitalizes on both the willingness to improve the developmental performance of others and strategies to cope with the frustration and uncertainty that may occur within the context of the collaborative evaluation. In order for this type of evaluation to succeed, it is important to learn from each other’s experiences (e.g., past lessons and mistakes) to improve the evaluation and avoid similar mistakes in the future. Throughout our evaluation work, we have witnessed buy-in to collaborative evaluations after others have learned how to do it for themselves. There is willingness to take a personal stake in meeting the agreed-upon evaluation vision. By observing and patterning others’ behaviour, everyone can improve their evaluation performance based upon highly developed skills.

Keywords: Collaboration, Collaborative Evaluation, Evaluation, Model for Collaborative Evaluations

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 16, Issue 11, pp.453-464. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.472MB).

Liliana Rodríguez-Campos

Evaluation Faculty, Department of Educational Measurement and Research, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, USA

Dr. Liliana Rodríguez-Campos earned her Ph.D. in Evaluation, Measurement, and Research Design. She received an Outstanding Dissertation Award, and a Provost’s Special Recognition for this Ph.D. Also, as part of her educational background, she earned her Bachelor’s in Systems Engineering with Honorific Mention, and her Specialist and Master’s degrees in Project Management in Engineering with Summa Cum Laude Honors. Furthermore, she received a President’s Special Recognition for her second Master’s degree in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Evaluation, Measurement, and Research Design. Dr. Rodríguez has been awarded with several honors and educational scholarships at the national and international levels. For example, she received the American Evaluation Association’s Marcia Guttentag Award for a promising evaluator within five years of completing her Doctoral degree and whose work is consistent with the Guiding Principles for Evaluators (http://youtube.com/watch?v=r9d-LVmrTJo). Also, she was awarded a Faculty Fellowship from the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE) and the University of South Florida’s Hispanic Heritage Faculty Award. Her peers have recognized her professional qualifications through invitations to her to make presentations and serve in national and international leadership roles in evaluation. She has been a planning and control manager, and a consultant in the private sector, non-profit organizations as well as institutions of higher education. Her work history includes evaluations/metaevaluations in multi-national corporations and capacity-building projects in Latin America, the Philippines, and the United States. Dr. Rodríguez has collaborated with colleagues on several grants and she is currently the Co-Principal Investigator and Director of Evaluation for a $2,331,104.00 U.S. Department of Education grant. She has designed and delivered numerous workshops and courses at the university level in evaluation/metaevaluation, research, informatics, consulting, project planning, and control management. She has written a variety of publications in Spanish, English, and Chinese on leadership, organizational engineering, and evaluation approaches that bring stakeholder groups together. For example, she is the author of the book Collaborative Evaluations: A Step-by-Step Model for the Evaluator. In addition, she has presented her work in national and international conferences in countries such as Australia, Canada, China, Cuba, England, Greece, Holland, India, Italy, Jamaica, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, the United States, and Venezuela. Dr. Rodríguez is a faculty member in the Department of Educational Measurement and Research at the University of South Florida. She is a member of several professional associations such as Project Management Institute, American Evaluation Association, Michigan Association for Evaluation, and American Educational Research Association, among others. During five years, she served as a co-chair of the Professional Development Committee and as a board member at the Michigan Association for Evaluation. Currently, she serves as the board of directors’ chair at the Evaluation Capacity Development Group and as the program chair of the Collaboration, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation Topical Interest Group of the American Evaluation Association. Rodríguez’s expertise with leadership, metaevaluation, multi-cultural and collaborative evaluation capacity building, project management, organizational engineering, and training are her strongest professional contributions.

Sarah Mirlenbrink Bombly

Supervisor, Department of Research and Evaluation Services, District School Board of Pasco County, Tampa, FL, USA

Sarah Mirlenbrink Bombly is a Supervisor in the department of Research and Evaluation Services for the District School Board of Pasco County, Florida. She has implemented an electronic testing platform, for use in grades 2-8, designed for formative use at the classroom level. Her primary responsibilities include training teachers, through teaching by example, in the formative use of assessments and the annual formative evaluation of this program. Sarah has also developed a district wide initiative involving the implementation of end-of-semester exams at the high school level. She holds an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and B.S. in Specific Learning Disabilities from the University of South Florida. She has nine years of classroom experience teaching students with disabilities. She is a member of the American Evaluation Association, for which she serves as a reviewer, the American Educational Research Association, the National Council on Measurement in Education and the Council for Exceptional Children.


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