University Challenges in the Third Millennium

By Shapour Fereydouni.

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Human beings need to be trained in order to survive. Formally, this is the responsibility of educational and research institutions and universities. Research, training citizens, training human resources, employment, producing science, preserving human values, etc are considered to be the university responsibilities. Generally, discoveries and inventions are the result of the research done at the universities. With the advancement of informational technology, the communication between universities is in more relation with their surrounding. Therefore, it is necessary to concern the university challenges in the third millennium for future universities. Great developments in present era and crises and problems that created by these developments demonstrate human basic ambiguity face up to future. Universities have an undeniable role in forming and conducting the development. The basic question of this article is which challenges will be created for universities and higher education system in present century. The basic role of universities in producing and extending human resources, universal society cohesion, democracy and economical developments are the critical challenges. Moreover, the other challenges are:
1 – Changing environment 2 – prophecy 3 – educating university students 4 – employment 5 – financial support of the university
6 – University managing 7 – misunderstanding of the religion According to these university challenges, it is expected to step toward some aims:
A – Perform traditional aims in the field of expert training.
B – Try to preserve cultural and historical identity.
C – Provide training opportunities for poor and try to extend social justice.
D – Extend knowledge borders by performing research plans.
E – Contribute in the university managing.
F – Compensate the lack of budgets by public help.
These basic challenges and expectations were given to 750 university students, 120 professors at the university and 50 managers of 10 universities in the southwestern part of Iran who were chosen randomly. The data was studied by descriptive statistics and the inferential statistic method of t-test was used. The results are as following: T=3.82 P= (0.0001) DF=369 Therefore, there was significant difference between male and female answers. All of the responders answered to the factors concerning the challenges and were in agreement with all of them.

Keywords: University Challenges, University Missions, Quality, Educating Graduate Students

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 16, Issue 12, pp.431-438. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.187MB).

Dr. Shapour Fereydouni

Assistant Professor and Asssistant Dean, Education and Psychology Department, College of Humanity, Islamic Azad University - Gachsaran Branch, Gachsaran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I worked at the university for approximately 16 years. I am interested in learning, philosophical and educational subjects, I have some publications in these fields. I had many articles in conferences. I was the dean of the psychology and educational department for many years and now I am the assistant dean of students.


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