Schools in the changing Times: Framework for Innovations in Schools, beyond Studies*

By Rajeev Sharma.

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In a country like India, changes in the society are taking place at a very fast pace. Some of these changes include transition from joint-family to nuclear-family system, extreme competitiveness due to urbanisation and globalisation, and increasing influence of media and information technology. These changes are putting immense pressure on schools, children and their families. As a result, incidence of attempted suicide, aggression and violence and psyho-somatic illness among children have increased. Children graduate from school, often with high grades, without having a healthy sense of self or being connected with the community. Present study describes initiatives of selected schools across the country, which have attempted to overcome this by involving children in activities relating to self-development and engagement with local community. These activities are conducted in schools either at ‘individual teacher or ‘class level’, or ‘at the school level’. This is achieved by reorganizing the school structure and processes, reorienting the priorities regarding timing for study and co-curricular activities, thereby expanding the range of children’s experience in school in a constructive manner. Based on these findings a framework for innovation in schools is proposed. This framework looks at innovations in schools beyond academics, which can either be implemented in an ‘incremental’ or in a ‘discontinuous’ manner, encompassing the whole institution or a part of it and provide a more holistic education to children. Implications of the research for school leaders, practioners and policy makers are discussed.

Keywords: Innovations in School, Responding to Change in Society, Holistic Development

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 16, Issue 12, pp.317-328. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.256MB).

Dr. Rajeev Sharma

Associate Professor, Ravi J.Matthai Centre for Educational Innovation, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India

Research interests are in innovations in education and educational organizations like schools and colleges, entrepreneurial opportunity in education sector, enhancing academic performance of the first generation learner and children coming from disadvantaged background and community involvement in educational process. Teaching interests are in the area of ‘Enterprise and Innovations in education’, ‘Communication and pedagogical approaches in management’ and interpersonal communication in business and industrial organizations. Has been a ‘Visiting Scholar’ at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. Developed and participated in management development programmes for principals of schools, colleges and other institutions of higher education.


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