The Wheel of Growth of Pedagogical Instruction

By Tsafi Timor.

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The principal aim of this study was to examine student teachers’ perceptions of their growth during one year of pedagogical instruction and practice teaching, with regard to three categories of knowledge: personal growth, the growth of pedagogical knowledge, and the growth of content knowledge. The study has focused on the following questions: 1. Have the student teachers perceived a process of growth, and if so, in which dimensions of the categories of knowledge? 2. Has the process of growth been perceived in all categories of knowledge simultaneously? The research tools included the “Wheel of Growth” from coaching models, discourse analysis, and statistical and descriptive analysis. Findings indicate significant changes in all dimensions of knowledge during the year, a fact which reflects a significant growth. Findings also yielded significant correlations among the three categories, a fact which indicates that the process has occurred simultaneously in all categories of knowledge. It is recommended that the research be replicated in further contexts.

Keywords: Student Teachers’ Perceptions, Content Knowledge, Pedagogical Knowledge, Personal Growth, The Wheel of Growth

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 18, Issue 1, pp.411-430. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 909.036KB).

Dr. Tsafi Timor

Lecturer, Re-Training Teacher Education Programme, English Department, Kibbutzim College of Education, Tel Aviv, Israel

Dr. Tsafi Timor is a lecturer in the Kibbutzim College of Education in the Departments of English and in the Retraining Teacher Education Programme, where she is also a pedagogical instructor. Her main research interests are teacher education and pedagogy, class management, and the inclusion of students with learning disabilities in mainstream education. Tsafi is also a psycho-educational diagnostician of learning disabilities, with a special expertise in learning disabilities in EFL.


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