‘It is My Education and I Deserve to be Involved’: Values in Educational Transition

By Lynne Grant.

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Transition is the term given to the movement of pupils between different educational sectors. This study focused on the transition between primary and secondary education. It is normal for primary teachers to collect and transfer pupil information to secondary teachers prior to transition, the pupils themselves whilst they are the ones who have to undergo the transition between educational sectors are not involved in this transfer of data about themselves, they are almost secondary to the process. This research involved 169 pupils over a two-year period, whilst they were in primary and secondary education. The research aims were to: a) examine how pupils were involved in transition, b) gain an insight into pupils views and opinions about transition c) develop a means of effectively involving pupils in transition. Method The pupils were issued with questionnaires during the research period. The questionnaires were designed to gain an understanding of pupil involvement in their learning and their feelings towards this involvement. Interviews took place with the primary and secondary class teachers. These were designed to gain insight and understanding of the participants’ perceptions of involving pupils in the transition process. Focus groups were constructed of teachers, management teams and quality improvement officers. Conclusions Analysis of pupil based data indicated that the majority of the pupils (81%) wanted to be involved in the learning and felt it was their right to do so. Comments included: “I like being asked my opinion on my learning, it gives me the chance to talk about my education with someone listening to me.” “I like to be asked about my learning because it is my learning and I deserve to be asked and involved”. Children are involved in the physical transfer between educational sectors and should be involved in the cognitive aspects of this process.

Keywords: Transition, Pupil Involvement, Values in Education, Role of Learning, Participation in Learning and Transition

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 18, Issue 1, pp.151-162. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 957.758KB).

Dr. Lynne Grant

Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Health and Social Sciences, School of Education, University of the West of Scotland, Glasgow, Ayrshire, UK

Research interests include transition between educational sectors, quality assurance in education, integrated service provision, children’s rights in education.


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