Diverse Learning Experiences with Information and Communication Technologies in Hong Kong Kindergartens: Perspectives from Children

By Wai Man Vivienne Leung.

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The present paper reports on a study of diverse cases that investigated the changing roles and learning practices with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in kindergartens in the Hong Kong context. It discusses the experiences of children using computer activities for learning and their perspectives on their knowledge about computers. Data were collected in face-to-face interviews and via the children’s drawings about their experiences with ICT. The drawings and the explanations provided by the children revealed that they are familiar with how a computer looks and that they could represent this graphically and describe the parts of computers in general terms, as well as mention the functions of the different parts according to their experiences. Based on the results of this study, implications are derived about ways in which teachers can appropriate ICT to enhance teaching and young children’s learning. An important aspect of this includes the discussion of what constitutes effective pedagogies for incorporating ICT in early childhood curriculum; the importance of ongoing professional learning with ICT; and the promotion of access to ICT resources for teaching and learning in early childhood settings.

Keywords: Information and Communication Technologies with Young Children, Early Childhood Education, ICT in Preschools, Teaching and Learning with ICT in Kindergartens, Integrating ICT in Early Childhood

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 18, Issue 2, pp.305-318. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 949.306KB).

Wai Man Vivienne Leung

Lecturer, Department of Early Childhood Education, Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong

The presenter is currently the Lecturer of Department of Early Childhood Education of The Hong Kong Insitute of Education. The institute provides both preservice and inservice training to early childhood educators. The teaching areas of presenter include Learning and Teaching with young children, early childhood curriculum, Information and Communication Technologies in Early Childhood Education, Theory and Practice in ECE curriculum, Contemporary Approaches in Early Childhood Curriculum. The research interest of presenter mainly focuses on how young children and early childhood educators use new technologies in learning and teaching in 21st century.


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