Developing Transnational Quality Control: Teacher Training in Moderating an Undergraduate Presentation Assessment

By Rosemary Kerr and Vimala Amirthalingam.

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This paper reports on a practice based, qualitative research project, using a case study method, which involved the development and trial of a social moderation process and resources for use in transnational education delivery by Higher Education Institution (HEI) professoriate (tutors) at an Australian university and at a Malaysian twinning HEI. Harlen’s (2005)five actions to improve the dependability of assessments provided the study framework. The project aimed to improve consistency and comparability in marking a first year undergraduate business course oral presentation assessment across multiple tutorial groups in a transnational context. The paper discusses the implementation of a social moderation activity, which used video exemplars and a multi-criterion rubric, to create a shared understanding of the assessment criteria and the standard. Results indicate that the moderation training activity assisted all tutors to develop a shared understanding of the expected standard. New tutors, both “onshore” and “offshore”, reported that the moderation training was a significant professional development activity in teaching oral presentation assessments. Blind double marking indicated good consistency across tutorial groups in all locations. Feedback was gathered from tutors at the end of semester for further resource development.

Keywords: Teacher Training, Assessment Moderation, Transnational Education, Quality Control

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 18, Issue 6, pp.215-228. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 802.437KB).

Dr. Rosemary Kerr

T & L Facilitator, Curtin Business School, School of Accounting, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Rosemary Kerr works in Academic Development in the School of Accounting, Curtin Business School where she undertakes projects and research in improving teaching and learning. She holds a doctorate in Social Policy History and her current research interests include History of Accounting and Academic Development.

Vimala Amirthalingam

Lecturer, School of Accounting, Curtin Business School, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Vimala Amirthalingam is a course coordinator in the School of Accounting, Curtin Business School. Her current research interests include teaching and learning in accounting and ethics.


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