Values at the Heart of School Leadership: An Investigation of the Impact of School Culture on School Leadership

By Lily-Claire Deenmamode.

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Pressing economic and technological demands on the international platform are constantly expecting more from our educational institutions. In that context, an updated pedagogy, innovative teaching and learning skills as well as an effective and visionary management are some of the new exigencies awaiting our schools. However, the mere focus on administrative structures or a sophisticated technology will not suffice to equip the schools. In a world of uncertainties and continuous changes whereby economic crisis meets job or food crisis, there is a constant that the world needs to cling to— “values”. The aim of this paper is to highlight the importance of values being at the heart of school leadership in a catholic school based in Pretoria, South Africa. From the light of this interpretive study, the researcher shows the need for values to become the ‘cornerstone’ of our educational institutions which have become highly vulnerable to many social ills and uncertainties.

Keywords: Values, School Organisational Culture, School Leadership

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 18, Issue 7, pp.305-312. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 778.815KB).

Lily-Claire Deenmamode

University Lecturer, School of Business, Management & Finance, University of Technology, Rose-Hill, Mauritius

After teaching English literature in a secondary school for 8 years, I carried out my Master’s in Education, with a specialisation in Educational Leadership & Management at Rhodes University, South Africa. I have been lecturing in educational leadership, school management and research methods for undergraduates and postgraduates students. My research interests are social justice issues & inequalities, female leadership, and school leadership for community-building. I have just enrolled for my Ph.D. in the field of education and social justice.


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