When a Question Met a Story: Exploration of Inquiry Learning on a Masters Level of Study

By Ksenija Napan.

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This practice focused paper explores layers of reflecting on practice and benefits and challenges of inquiry based approaches to learning. The focus will be placed on various ways of co-creating learning processes with students-practitioners keen to enhance their practice within a Masters of Social Practice programme at Unitec in New Zealand. Academic co-creative inquiry was used as a method of teaching combined with interviews conducted by David Epston, a creator of Narrative therapy in a course called Reflecting on Practice. A class of 12 students enrolled in this innovative class in 2011. Students’ and teachers’ experiences will be critically examined, explored and reflected upon. The process and the content of each student’s inquiry (along with all assessment tasks) were negotiated with each student. All assignments were peer and self assessed. Student evaluations in this context provided a stable platform for further reflection and development of this genre of pedagogy. Many layers of reflection will be explored: students’ reflection on their practice and assignments, reflection on peer assessment and teacher’s assessment of students’ work and class participation, reflections on a co-teaching arrangement and management of power with the aim of providing insightful suggestions and ideas for further research possibilities.

Keywords: Academic Co-creative Inquiry, Reflecting on Practice, Inquiry Learning, Self and Peer Assessment

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 18, Issue 7, pp.293-304. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 803.503KB).

Dr. Ksenija Napan

Senior Lecturer, Department of Social Practice, Faculty of Social and Health Sciences, Unitec, Auckland, New Zealand

I teach at Unitec, New Zealand. I see teaching as social practice and that its main purpose is to bring forth the world. I completed my Bachelor (BSW) and Masters (Master of Social Psychiatry) in Zagreb, Croatia and my PhD at Massey University, New Zealand. I created a Contact-Challenge method of teaching/learning social work where clients are invited as experts in dealing with social workers to help students to become better professionals, in return students help them in the way clients see fit. At the same time students learn theory and skills by participating in lectures and interacting with each other in a co-counselling manner. I have also co-created Academic Co-Creative Inquiry, a method of advanced teach- ing and learning where students personalise prescribed learning outcomes into individual inquiry questions. Integration of theory, practice and personal experience is the main focus of my academic work.


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