Study of the Guqin’s Diffusion in Tertiary Education: The Case Study in Beijing

By Jia Yin Song.

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Since the guqin was designated as an intangible cultural relic in 2003, the society has been strengthening the practice and art of playing guqin. As instruments of cultural diffusion, universities provide a space to nurture the spirit of legacy of the guqin in modern society. This article aims to discuss how universities have increased the amount of attention paid to the art of the traditional Chinese guqin by ensuring its inner value is mirrored and viewed by university students. A questionnaire was administered to university students; the inner effect of the guqin is analyzed on the basis of responses received. Also, it studies the current problems and university students’ thoughts about activities involving the guqin in the Beijing region. The article goes beyond past research on guqin culture, which focused only on esthetics and the music itself, objectively analyzing university students’ real feedback toward the guqin in terms of diffusion, and analyzes the existing problems in educational systems and the influence of student organizations in modern universities. Additionally, the author gives some feasible advice, in terms of the psychology of the perspective of the target audience, for better popularizing and passing on Chinese traditional art forms and for experiencing the spirit of traditional culture. Thus, this article contains practical advice for promoting the guqin.

Keywords: Tertiary Education, Chinese Traditional Culture, Guqin Art

The International Journal of Learning, Volume 18, Issue 11, pp.1-16. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 922.672KB).

Jia Yin Song

Postgraduate, School of Communication and Multimedia, Communication University of China, Beijing, China

Jia Yin Song’s research focuses on traditional culture, music education, and transmission studies.


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