Development of Rhythm Abilities and Aural Training Software: An empirical study at the Conservatory of Music of Logroño, Spain

By Jesús Tejada, Ana Laucirica and José Ordoñana.

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This poster presents an empirical study on training rhythm skills by means of aural training software at conservatories.

Keywords: Rhythm training, Aural training, Music technology

International Journal of Learning, Volume 12, Issue 5, pp.345-354. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.004MB).

Dr. Jesús Tejada

Jesús Tejada is senior lecturer at University of Seville. Has written books and articles on music technology into music teaching and learning processes in several specialized international journals and international conferences.

Dr Ana Laucirica

Ana Laucirica is a senior lecturer at the Public University of Navarra in the field of the teaching of musical expression within the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy. She has been teaching for the past eighteen years in basic and advanced music training for teachers. She has a doctorate in the cognitive psychology of music from the University of the Basque Country. She is responsible for the investigation group from the Public University of Navarra into the area of "Evaluation and development of musical perception" and is a member of the research commission of the Spanish section of ISME (SEM-EE). She has presented papers and works at national and international congresses on the subject of hearing evaluation and, more precisely, on relative pitch and perfect pitch. She is the author of several scientific articles and monographic publications. Since 2003 she has become responsible for the doctorate program "music education and aesthetic culture" at the Public University of Navarra.

José Ordoñana

José Antonio Ordoñana, is an assistant professor at the University of the Basque Country, in the Teaching Department of Musical, Plastic and Corporal Expression. He is also a teacher of the flute in music schools of Bergara and Mutriku (Gipuzkoa). He has participated in various concerts in the Basque Country, and he was a founder member of the “Maioal” Chamber Music Ensemble as well as a collaborator in the recording made by the Bergarés Choral Society for their 75th anniversary. As an investigator he has worked on the cataloguing of the “Cantorales de Canto Gregoriano” (Gregorian Chants) of the Basque Country. He has also participated in work with the investigation group, “Evaluation and development of the musical perception” from the Public University of Navarra on the topic of atonal music at the intermediate level of specialized teaching schools. A preface to this work was presented at the II Symposium on the Investigation of Music teaching in Ceuta (Spain). At present, as an investigator of the IER (Institute of Studies in the Rioja) he is doing a study on the new technologies and rhythm development.


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