Training Teachers to Educate Students with Disabilities: A Problem-Based Approach

By Terese Carmen Aceves, Michael Gerber, Sarah Hough and Judith English.

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The current study examined the efficacy of Problem-based learning through interactive multi-media (IMM) in a pre-service/in-service course of special education content for educational professionals.

Keywords: Problem Based Learning, Special Education, Teacher Training, Professional Development, Technology

International Journal of Learning, Volume 12, Issue 7, pp.195-206. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 876.602KB).

Dr. Terese Carmen Aceves

Dr Jimenez obtained her bachelor's in psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, her special and general education teaching credentials at Loyola Marymount University, and most recently her Ph.D. in Special Education, Disabilities and Risk Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Before initiating her doctoral studies, Dr Jimenez worked as a bilingual resource specialist in a predominantly low-income, Latino community for four years. Currently her research interests include examining the development, application, and evaluation of problem-based pedagogy for professional education to improve instructional outcomes for students with disabilities, the early intervention and identification of children at-risk for reading difficulties, the investigation of early home literacy practices of Latino families, and the storybook reading practices of Latino families with children at-risk for reading failure. Her dissertation research focused on investigating precursors to phonemic awareness skills in young English language learners. Her most recent papers include: The Effects of Small-Group Intensive Intervention for K-1 English Learners, The Lexical Restructuring Model: How the Primary Language Impacts English Reading Development in English Learners, and An Analysis of Change in Latino Parent's Reading Interactions with their Children During a Storybook Reading Intervention.

Dr. Michael Gerber

At the University of California, Santa Barbara, Dr Michael M. Gerber is Professor of Education, Emphasis Leader for the Educational Leadership and Organizations Emphasis, contributing faculty for the Special Education, Disabilities, and Risk Emphasis and director of the Center for Advanced Studies of Individual Differences in the Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research. Dr Gerber has conducted a program of research aimed at understanding the impact of various instructional technology variables on learning, both for children at-risk and for those who teach them. Dr Gerber's most recent research involves the viability, adaptability and effectiveness of Problem-Based-Learning as a pedagogic and methodological improvement in content delivery to professional preparation programs.

Dr. Sarah Hough

Dr Sarah Hough, a researcher at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has a Ph.D. in educational psychology (emphasis in Teaching and Learning) and M.S. in Mathematics. Dr Hough is currently director of the technology and evaluation component of an Office of English Language Acquisition sponsored project that is creating and testing multimedia online modules. She is currently designing and conducting the evaluation of these Interactive-Multimedia (IMM) Problem-Based-Learning (PBL) modules as they are implemented in various settings. In addition to her research and development with IMM technology, Dr Hough has conducted research in the context of two additional National Science Foundation funded mathematics projects, PRIME (Partnership for Systemic Reform in Mathematics Education) and EMELI (Equity in Mathematics Education Leadership Institute).

Dr. Judith English

University of California, Santa Barbara, United States of America.


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