Future Careers for Girls in Science and Technology: How Educators and Counsellors can Assist

By Noella Piquette-Tomei.

Published by The Learner Collection

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Analyzing educators' and counsellors' gendered beliefs relative to future careers can lead to assisting students to make decisions regarding nontraditional academic and career paths.

Keywords: Nontraditional Career Choices, Science and Technology, Science Teachers, Guidance Counsellors

International Journal of Learning, Volume 12, Issue 7, pp.53-64. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 919.755KB).

Dr. Noella Piquette-Tomei

Current research involves differentiated learning techniques for primary grades in language enriched environments, a meta-analysis of the current research in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and the effectiveness of women problem gambling treatment groups. Instructing undergraduate and graduate courses in educational psychology, special education assessment and atypical learners. Past presentations in international, national and local conferences have included topics ranging from differentiated learning for student learning variances in regular classrooms, females' academic issues in high school and post-secondary settings, developmental perspectives on metacognition, collaborative learning techniques and social skill enhancement.


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