The Marketisation of English as a Global(ising) Language: Discourses and Counter Discourses

By Bessie Dendrinos.

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Explores the nature of the discourses and counterdiscourses of EGL, and attempt to locate the space or field(s) where they appear.

International Journal of Learning, Volume 8. Article: Print (Spiral Bound), ISBN: 1863354182. Article: Electronic (PDF File; 712.334KB), ISBN: 1863354190.

Bessie Dendrinos

Bessie Dendrinos is Professor of Sociology of Language and Foreign Language Education at the Department of Language and Linguistics, Faculty of English Studies, School of Philosophy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Involved with socially accountable applied linguistics, since the early 90s she has been working in the area of critical discourse analysis. While some of her publications deal with gendered discourse, the language of bureaucracy in Greece, and the linguistic construction of (supra)national identity in present-day Europe, her main concern has been to critique the cultural politics of English as a 'global' language, and to investigate discourses of foreign language pedagogy and education planning in the European Union. Currently interested in interlinguistic and intercultural literacies for European citizenry, she has also been concerned with new orientations in first and second language education. Linked to these concerns is her work as editor-in-chief of a new electronic journal published through the Centre for the Greek Language: Glossikos Ipologistis - a journal (in Greek) about language and language education, accessed through Her books include The EFL Textbook and Ideology (1992) and The Politics of ELT (2001). She has published numerous papers and articles, which have appeared in English, Greek, Spanish and Portuguese.


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