Assessing Pre Service Teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge Using A 'Bricolage' Approach

By Fadzilah Abd Rahman and Jon A. Scaife.

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The paper discusses about an assessment of PSTs' PCK based on constructivist research paradigm using bricolage approach

Keywords: Pre Service Teacher, Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Constructivism, Bricolage

International Journal of Learning, Volume 12, Issue 10, pp.81-92. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 964.820KB).

Mrs Fadzilah Abd Rahman

Mrs Rahman is a doctoral student at the Department of Educational Studies, University of Sheffield. Previously she was a lecturer in the area of Language Teaching Method, Assessment and Evaluation, and Curriculum Development at the Faculty of Educational Studies, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia. She is currently working on her PhD in the field of Pedagogy in Teacher Education, particularly in assessing the nature of pedagogical content knowledge among pre service teachers. Her interest is in pedagogy; teacher education; assessment and evaluation; and curriculum development.

Dr. Jon A. Scaife

Dr Scaife, J.A is a lecturer in the field of Science Education, Educational and Professional Studies and Teaching in Higher Education at the Department of Educational Studies, University of Sheffield. He has a particular interest in learning and in the nature of knowledge. This underpins his research interests in the relationship between learning and teaching, in Interpersonal Process Recall, and in the construction of rich learning environments.


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